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These animals can bring you luck in Find out the most popular fauna lucky charms in casino world.

There have been numerous superstitions about gambling out there. Since the casino is available players from all over the world have been trying to increase their luck. Although there’s a theory that luck is something you are either born with, or something that comes accidentally in your life, but just for a moment, in many cultures we have observed lucky gambling animals.

It turned out that people in different countries link their cultural beliefs and habits with casino luck. Take yourself for an example. Have you ever placed an object next to your computer when playing slots in Or have you ever taken your own wife in a ground casino, because you are sure that she’ll be your lucky charm?

But in this material we don’t talk about objects or people. It’s the animal world we are talking about. Some of you might find the article very interesting, because as you know a lot of online slots are actually related with animals, too. Maybe, the slot machines with the following lucky gambling animals are going to become your winning spots:

The golden fish

It makes one or even up to three dreams of yours come true. You will be amazed to learn that the tradition doesn’t come from a Western fairytale or something. Actually, it’s a lucky symbol in Asia. To be more specific, Chinese people used to believe that the yellow fishes (like gold) bring harmony in your life aiming to let you fulfill your goals.

The direction of the dolphin

The marine myths say that when you see a dolphin it means that the land is close. Due to this belief a lot of stories put a specific role to dolphins. They are the animals that can change your direction in a better way. In gambling world, a lot of people, who have a series of losses, count on the dolphins to make the change they need.

The protection of the elephant

The elephant is a much appreciated animal in India. In this country people believe that elephants keep your home place safe. There’s no Indian living space without a small figure of the animal. In gambling world, a lot of punters claim that if having an elephant figure by their side, they can actually preserve their winning series.

The power of cat

There’s no religion or culture not mentioning the cat. It’s a very specific animal. However, in Egypt the cat is believed to bring love and money to those who are kind and good. If you are a generous person by nature and you gamble in online casinos, having a cat – including a real one – might be the shot for you to increase your monthly income.

Don’t be scared of mice

In some countries having a mouse at home shouldn’t be a reason to worry. They believe that if suddenly a mouse appears in your living space, it means you are traced by the spirit of luck. So if recently there has been a mouse at home, open and start betting right away.

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