common roulette myths

In this article we will try to debunk some very popular live22 roulette myths. From now on you will play more safely and profitably, because you are not going to be deluded by these misconceptions about the roulette game.

Roulette is the casino game that arises as the first association even in those minds that have been never involved in gambling. Being popular in physical and online casinos this gaming product is a sign of the traditional casino experience. However, we believe that there are more people who understand what Russian roulette is rather than those who are fully aware of the actual roulette gameplay.

By the way, even those who play roulette regularly, are also mislead by some common myths. Among them we have picked up the most dangerous ones. Check them out below and never have them in mind again when you play live22 roulette games:

  1. There is only one set of roulette rules. No, this is not true. Actually, right now in online casinos, including the live casino sections, you can find up to 10 different roulette versions. And although they work in a similar way, you should be aware that all of them come with differences within their terms and conditions.
  2. You should always double your wager. Actually, sometimes it might be the best idea, but that’s all. Don’t determine this rule as a fundamental one. Instead, consider your budget situation and then decide whether to double your wager immediately.
  3. The best chance to win in a roulette game is by betting on the cold numbers. The cold numbers are those that haven’t been drawn for a long time. But the history is aware of numerous cases when a concrete player wins lots of money in one day and with one or at least two numbers. Luck has a lot to do with roulette games and destiny can sometimes play some really intriguing tricks with us.
  4. No matter what you do, avoid online roulette games because they are rigged. No matter who told you this, it must be someone who’s not aware of the internet gambling industry at all. The online games are developed by independent studios that are not related with the profits that casinos makes through your losses. Besides, there are a lot of new rules in the industry according to which these developers are supposed to check each game for its safety and fair game. If there’s even one suspicious point during this check, the game is going to be officially eliminated not only from the casino, but from the developer’s studio as a whole.

Of course, there are even more roulette myths out there. If you know one, don’t hesitate to share it with us. The rest players should be aware of them, too. After all, you are not competitors, because you all play against the house, right?

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