Gamble is involved with the tradition of some society. The actual date of originating gambling is still unknown. But it is believed that gamble was born with the born of humanity. From street fight to poker and from football, cricket to the personal life of celebrities all is the object of betting. And the prize can be from a piece of stone to a piece of diamond. The effects of gambling are countless. My intention is not to create any bad impression about gambling but there are very few people who get benefited from gambling except the owner of the casinos.

Negative Results:

The monetary loss is the most pathetic result of gambling and we all know that. But apart from this there are so many indirect results also come in front of us. Divorces, Starvation, being homeless, blackmail, debts, thefts, robbery, and suicide… these are end results. So what is the meaning of this game where the result is death!

Another interesting fact is ever you think why any casino made a machine of luck to test their luck as well? I mean, the machine of luck is for players but also the luck of the casino depends upon it. Right? Suppose a person, loves to play a particular game and always after entering the casino, he looks after it.  If he thinks that he is the master and easily can win then it is wrong. Maybe he is a pro player but the casino is not let him win every time. They made the mathematical changes as their favor. So if you continue playing a game over and over it will make the player looser. The process of these special changes in the machine of the casino is known as House Edge.

Positive Results:

Not only negative results rule over casino there are some positive results too. When a casino is built along with it, so many hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, stand up comedy and other amusements are also built. For these, a lot of workers get a job to survive. Not only are these but also as a waiter, receptionist and another post available for local people for work. Apart from these only a casino is able to restrain the economy of a particular country.

Every coin has two sides. Gambling has an image of negativity always but it has the ability to save lives too. This is all about the results of gambling in this era.

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