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Have a look at what wrong things I used to believe about sports betting. Never rely on these conceptions anymore, because they have nothing to do with the truth and the reality.

It was long time ago when I made my first steps into the field of online sports betting. I placed my bet and I knew it, this is the time of my life. And as a whole, I have nothing so much to complain about. In my sports betting career there were many downs, but there were also many ups. What I, though, still cannot forgive myself is not the big number of losses I had or the stupid tactics I used. What I still cannot forgive myself is that I believed in some really huge stupidities regarding sports betting.

This is why I made this material. I sat down and I wanted to share part of experience with you guys and I just did not know where to start. And suddenly it hit me. Everything in this life matters the way you evaluate it. If you have the wrong idea about something, then you will definite do the wrong thing about achieving something.

So I wanted to share my bad experience with you. I will share what I thought about sports betting, but within the time it turned out that none of these was true:

  • In the sports betting you are fighting against the bookmaker. Many players think so, indeed, but as a matter of fact this is not how things with professional sports betting works. The think is that to win profits, the bookmaker does not place only bets against you. The betting house actually places bets on both sides and pays the winners with the money received from the lost bets.
  • All bookmakers, though, have their secret sources for special information. I knew that the bookie is a very rich company which knows whether Real Madrid will be the winner of a concrete Championship league edition. And I truly believed that. I hope you are not that stupid as I was, because such a misconception can fully change the way you place bets and thus, you will never be the player you want to be.
  • You cannot win money if you place bets only on the favorites. Actually, the safest strategy is to make selections only of such bets. This is, though, a hard to be achieved task and you need multiple of accounts to have to shop for the best odds in the market. Basically, though, these are small wins, but they are still wins, right?

These three things were my myths in my sports betting activity. What about you? Do you have such? Share them with us so we can debunk them right away!

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